Terms and Conditions

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time is 6-12 weeks from when I receive your inclusions and ends when I put your piece(s) in the mail. I am not responsible for mail that is delayed, damaged, lost or stolen. I am not responsible for any fees deemed by customs. 


Since your piece is handmade with your own inclusions, I cannot take a return or issue a refund. Please be sure that you are selecting the desired add-ins, correct size and style that you want. No two stones will be the exact same. You can cancel your order within 24 hours of your purchase, all orders that are cancelled will have a 20% cancellation fee per item excluding any add ins, no exceptions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your inclusions have arrived, please check the order status tab to see that it has arrived. In the event your tracking shows delivered, you must provide the tracking information to me if you do not see it marked as arrived on the order status tab. No refunds if you cannot show proof that you sent it. You will have one year (365 days) to send in your inclusions from your order date. After this time, your order will be archived and no refunds will be provided. 

Important Information

I recommend that you get your ring sized by a professional jeweler. I am not responsible if you select the incorrect ring size and your ring does not fit. Each piece is checked for accuracy before beginning the stone process. If you take your ring to get resized after it is made, I am not responsible or any damages that occur. Not all rings can be resized, please let me know any specific questions. You will have one week to contact me after your jewelry is deliver to notify me of any issues. By posting pictures on social media, you are giving me permission to use photos for promotional purposes. I will never use a photo that would be considered too reveling or any photo that contains the face of your baby. 

As part of the terms and conditions, please follow the care instructions below.

1. Take off when swimming, washing dishes or hands, bathing and showering, etc.


2. Take off when using hand sanitizer, let hands completely dry before putting back on.

3.  Do not let harsh chemicals such as cleaning products to come in contact with your jewelry.

4. Do not use jewelry cleaner on the sterling silver, gold filled or rose gold filled. If your piece looks darker or dirty, dab some toothpaste on it and rub it on, do not let toothpaste come in contact with your stone, wipe off the toothpaste. Solid gold pieces can be cleaned with solid gold products. You can also take your pieces to a jeweler for polishing and/or for a new dip, I am not responsible if any damages occur.

5. Do not wear while tanning, or wear your ring when getting your nails done. If you are in direct sunlight for prolonged times, please take it off. 

6. Use the included polishing cloth to polish your jewelry.

7. Plated jewelry will wear off eventually with wear. Filled jewelry can also wear off with time. This is not a defect. Poor care and/or body chemistry can accelerate this process. No refunds for this purpose as it is a natural process. 

8. Stones are made with resin, resins can discolor with time, exposure to sunlight or artificial lights such as tanning beds can speed this time up. Harsh chemicals can cause discoloration as well. Time can also be a factor. 

9. Do not allow any piece(s) to come in contact with the eyes or mouth or any other orifices. Keep out of reach from children, do not ingest. 

10. Take your ring off when going to bed. It is recommended to store your ring in a plastic bag with a anti-tarnish strip and also kept in a cool and dry area. All orders being mailed out after December 1st, 2021 will go with a small plastic bag and a anti-tarnish strip. If your order does not have the anti-tarnish strip and plastic bag, you must notify me within three days of delivery, no exceptions. I will then send a replacement anti-tarnish strip and plastic bag.