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Step One:
Select your jewelry here.

Step Two
Select your add ins (any colors, shimmers, flakes, or engravings) here.

Step Three:
Check out ensuring all information is correct for your order.

Step Four:
Send your milk/ashes to the address provided in the follow up email. Instructions can also be found in the FAQ section below.


Frequently asked questions

What is breastmilk jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry, also known as milk jewelry, is jewelry that has a stone made out of your precious breastmilk. I turn your milk into a stone using a very special natural process. The piece will represent your journey, if was easy or hard, even if you had to supplement or use donor milk, or if you were a just "enougher", Even if you took a boat load of supplements or use medications to help induce lactation. No matter what you went through, your journey is unique to you as will also be your breastmilk jewelry!

Where do you ship to?

Worldwide! I am based out of Texas, USA, however, my clients are from all over the world!

How do I send my milk?

You will get mailing instructions after you place your order. Please look out for a email titled "mailing instructions." Basically, you will double bag 20mls (please use a syringe to measure) in breastmilk storage bags and put in a bubble mailer. On a piece of paper, clearly write your ordering name and order number. No need to mail priority mail, first class will work perfectly! Please keep your receipt for your tracking number, please do not send the last of your inclusions. Anything could happen in transit. See the How To Send Breastmilk video here. Please do not send exta unless we discuss it if needed. I do not have the space to store excess milk. It hurts me to toss the extra so please, please don't ove send your breastmilk.

Will my milk come out looking just like I send it?

The preservation process is chemically done, the final color can alter from the original color due to the preserving process as well as any medications or supplements that you take. Most pieces take on a creamy yellow- close to the natural color, some come out darker, some lighter. Many factors play into the final color.

Do you work with ashes, hair, umbilical cord, placenta or teeth?

Yes! Please let me know of the piece that you are interested in to ensure that it can include hair, cord and or teeth.

What metals do you use?

I work with 925 sterling silver, rose gold filled, yellow gold filled and rose and yellow gold plated. I also work with solid golds with genuine diamonds.

I forgot to add the coupon code at checkout, can you send me back the difference?

For every transaction, I am charged processing fees in addition to transition fees from Sezzle, PayPal and all debit/credit cards. When a refund is given, I am still charged those fees. For this reason, I do not refund the difference. It is your responsibility to ensure that you add the coupon code if applicable. In the event your code does not work, please contact me before completing your purchase.

What do you do with the leftover milk?

I keep the leftover preserved milk for one year from the preserved date. Each tube is sealed, dated and labeled with your ordering information. If you want to order again, please leave a note at checkout with your previous order number, otherwise I will not know that you are ordering again unless you reach out to me directly. Any leftover ashes are always sent back with your completed order.

What is the turnaround time?

Shipping, turnaround time is 6-12 weeks from when I receive your inclusions and ends when I put your piece(s) in the mail. I am not responsible for mail that is delayed, damaged. lost or stolen. I am not responsible for any fees deemed by customs. If you have an issue with your delivery, you will need to file a claim with USPS. Please be sure to add shipping insurance to your order, this is available in various amounts. *Turnaround time can change or extend with major holiday sales or due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Can I send the last of my inclusions?

I do ask that you do not send the last of your milk, ashes, hair, etc. Packages could get lost in transit and possibly not arrive. I do not want your precious inclusions to become lost in the USPS world. Please do not send anything that can't be sent again.


Since your piece is handmade with your own inclusions, I cannot take a return or issue a refund. Please be sure that you are selecting the color, size and style that you want. No two stone pieces will be the exact same. You can cancel your order within 12 hours of your purchase. You will have one week after receiving your piece by mail to contact me about any issues.

Important Information

I am not responsible if you select the incorrect ring size and your ring does not fit. I order the exact ring size that you select and I check every piece for accuracy before beginning the stone process. I recommend that you get your ring sized by a professional jeweler. If you take your ring to get resized after it is made by me, I am not responsible or any damages that occur. You will have one week to contact me after your jewelry is deliver to notify me of any issues. Any items that are engraved and/or in a solid gold setting or/or contains genuine diamonds or genuine birthstones cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or returned.

How much milk/ashes do I send?

For breastmilk: Please send 20mls. It is important that you measure with a syringe and not by the bag as the bag wil not come out to 20mls when it looks like it has 1 ounce. Please send the needed amount required and not extra unless we discuss. I do not have the ability to store leftover milk and it hurts me to toss it. Please double bag in breastmilk storage bags. Do not use tape. For ashes: Please send 1/2 teaspoon. Any remaining wil be send back to you. Please double bag and do not use tape or stables. For hair: Please send at least 20 strands, a nice little chunk. It is ideal to tie a small elastic and cut behind it so that it is bundled together. You can also use a bread tie or yarn. Please do not use tape for the hair. The lighter the hair in color, the harder it is to see. Curly hair is a bit challenging to work with but it can be done. The strands need to be about 1-2 inches long and perferably the same length.