I try to update the excel sheet every three days for when milk/ashes arrive. 

For new orders, I update that every Sunday. 


How to read the excel sheet:


First column- Name

Second column- Order number

Third column- Your order information

Fourth column- If it is blank, it has not been ordered yet.

-If you see numbers/letters then it has been ordered.

-If this area is in yellow, the jewelry blank has arrived.

Fifth (last column)- If it is blank- your inclusions have not been received yet.

-If you see a date-your inclusions have been received.


***If your whole row is in RED, this means I've sent you a message or email regarding something for your order

***If your whole row is in GREEN, your order has been completed and by this time you will have received tracking information. 

***If your name and order number is ORANGE, this means you have more than one item in your order and it will be shown on separate lines. 

***If you see your row in PURPLE, this means you have a RUSH order. 

You can view that information here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArTxZmqmIK3lgRBMpgoHbDXw68LN