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What is breastmilk jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry is a type of jewelry that is made from breastmilk! It’s because quite popular in the past 5 years! Having a piece of breastmilk jewelry is a great way to memorialize your breastfeeding journey! It’s something that you can wear and feel proud of for your hard work!

Is it for everyone? Simply put, no. Not everyone is a fan of this type of jewelry. Even some breastfeeding mothers themselves are not fond of it. But if you are interested come check out my products here!

The art behind creating a piece is based on the breastmilk being preserved. This is key to a beautiful piece! My method that I use involves a natural method. The pieces I make come out a natural color rather than a stark white color. If you prefer to have your pieces white or any other color then I can add some add ins to give it some color, shimmer or flakes. My personal favorite is pearl shimmer! The pearl shimmer doesn’t change the color of the milk, it only adds some pop!

As you can see here, the natural color of the milk remains and the pearl shimmer gives it a beautiful shimmer!

The ring above is called The Mateo, this is is named after my son, Mateo!

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